Australia-Indonesia Centre Research

Research Areas

In 2014, The Australia-Indonesia Centre hosted its inaugural Australia-Indonesia Research Summit in Jakarta, where 150 leading academics and researchers identified the key areas of priority for collaborative research:

  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Health
  • Food & Agriculture

Once these four areas were identified, funds were pledged to planning and establishment of clusters. Clusters were initially awarded funding for ‘Rapid Start’ research opportunities aimed to support initial areas of research which would directly support the implementation or inform the future direction of the cluster.

In addition, the AIC ‘Small Projects’ scheme awarded $AUD380,000 in 2014, adding to investment in collaborative projects between Australian and Indonesian researchers. Funds from Australia, through the AIC, have been matched by DIKTI in cooperation with the seven lead institutions in Indonesia, to enable greater joint research into shared challenges.

Total investment committed to Cluster planning and establishment for 2014-15 was $AUD500,000.

Research Clusters

The AIC supported a substantial planning process through 2014-15 with over 38 workshops and major meetings culminating in individual Cluster Investment Plans.

The Research Clusters have a sector focus but aim to bring together the research capacity of the five Australian and seven Indonesian participating institutions to provide the critical mass and interdisciplinary expertise required to deal with complex challenges.

Following the Cluster planning and establishment, in late-2015 the Australia-Indonesia Centre dedicated AUD$6.3 million in funding across three Clusters:

  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Health

In early-2016, the Centre committed an additional AUD$2.1 million for a fourth cluster:

  • Urban Water

Previously-funded ‘Rapid Start’ and ‘Small Projects’ also continue to undertake collaborative work in all research areas into 2016, with new opportunities on the horizon.

Research Reports